Breakout Sessions

Force on Force – Scenario Training

This training provides officers the ability to respond to high stress, short duration critical incidents where they are faced with an unanticipated, deadly threat at close range. Officers will face multiple high stress scenarios while applying skills they brought with them from the square range using FOF. Officers will be facing suspects and apply their training in both shoot and no shoot situations. All students will be required to follow all rules and safety protocol of the Fort Worth Police Department Tactical Village SOP.

** Each student must be a sworn law-enforcement or federal agent


Officer Survival Training/Defensive Tactics – Gloria Marcott and special guest instructor Julie Werhnyak

Promotion Prep – TCOLE Commissioner Pat Sheckel Hollingsworth

This course is designed to develop strategies for promotion and selection. Discussion will include types of assessment center processes and parameters evaluated and practical exercises for interview skills development.

TCOLE Commissioner Pat Sheckel Hollingsworth
TCOLE Commissioner Pat Sheckel Hollingsworth
Sgt. Rachel DeHoyos
Sgt. Rachel DeHoyos

Patrol Response to Tactical Situations – Sgt. Rachel DeHoyos

This course is will cover responses for officers, regardless of rank, that are often first on scene to an incident that may become dependent on other resources; SWAT, SRT, Hostage Negotiators, etc.  After the  “Four C’s” of patrol response to critical incidents (contain, control, communicate, call SWAT) are in place, what do you do if the subject becomes active before those additional resources arrive? This course will discuss strategies for the responding officer in implementing the Four C’s, and Immediate Action Plans to react to an immediate or imminent threat.

Tactical Emergency Medical Training – Officer Brandi Kamper

This Tactical Lifesaver course is designed for Police Officers and focuses on what to do for yourself or another officer in the case of a medical emergency. We focus on the basics of care under fire, and treating officers in an officer down situation.

Officer Brandi Kamper
Officer Brandi Kamper
Jaime Malone
Jaime Malone

Patrol Rifle/Handgun – Jaime Malone

This fast paced course will be a refresher course for the student to the carbine where the methods of fundamental marksmanship and tactics will combine to allow quick and effective deployment in a tactical situation.

  • Site In
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Multiple Skills drills
  • Tactical/Speed Reloads
  • Position Dexterity
  • Distance shooting

** Each student must be a sworn law-enforcement or federal agent

Intimate Partner Violence Investigations – Detective Kristina Gonzalez

This course is designed for Police Officers and focuses on how to improve your skills regarding Assault, Strangulation and Sexual Assault investigations.  We will cover topics like (but not limited to):

  • Understanding the Power and Control Dynamics involved in Domestic Violence Cases
  • Evidence based prosecution regarding Assault, Strangulation and Sexual Assault calls.
  • Trauma informed Interviews. Am I asking the right things?
  • Cultural Barriers involving Domestic Violence Investigations
Sgt. Kristi King
Sgt. Kristi King

Advanced DWI Investigations and Tactics – Sgt. Kristi King

This course is designed to address common errors related to DWI investigations, the need for additional testing in regard to drug related DWI’s, and provide additional education when investigating Felony DWI’s.

Health and Wellness in Policing – Officer Dara Young

This course will cover the importance of attaining optimal health and wellness to help you thrive throughout your law enforcement career, not just survive it. We will cover topics like (but not limited to):

  • Effective goal-setting
  • Meal-prepping for success
  • Designing an efficient workout
  • Eating to maximize your daily performance

There is no cookie cutter journey to optimal health and wellness, but there are many tools I can give you to help you find the path that fits your lifestyle.

Officer Dara Young
Officer Dara Young

The Invisible Bullet: Suicide in the Law Enforcement Community – Lt. Kim Harris

More than twice as many Peace Officer die by suicide than are killed by other means in the line of duty.   80% of people who attempt suicide show signs of their intent. These signs are often hidden – invisible to others. The R.3 method is designed to bring awareness and decrease stigma regarding mental health issues within the law enforcement community. The participant will learn to:

  • Recognize warning signs.
  • Redirect negative behavior.
  • Restore positive direction.

It’s time to end the silence. It’s time to end the stigma of asking for help. It’s time to “roll back up”.

First Line Supervisor – Sgt. Rachel DeHoyos

Sgt. Rachel DeHoyos
Sgt. Rachel DeHoyos
Chief Mac Tristian (Ret.)
Chief Mac Tristian (Ret.)

Leadership – Chief Mac Tristan (Ret.)