Who We Are

This group of highly qualified female instructors came together in February of 2014 with support from Chief Jimmy Perdue of The North Richland Hills Police Department.

Chief Perdue had a vision of providing the females of his department and females in our North Central Texas region with the tools to succeed in the field of Law Enforcement. He recognized the need for females in our profession to have a support system regardless of rank or job assignment and believed he could help them succeed. In 2014 we started planning a conference for female officers in our region and began recruiting the best female instructors in the area (arguably the best in the Country) to help plan the event.

The following female Law Enforcement Officers make up the Board and we continue to strive for excellence and superiority as we continue to provide state of the art training to women across the country each and every year.



Captain Carrie White

North Richland Hills Police Department



Sergeant Kendra Wilson

North Richland Hills Police Depatment



Commissioner Patt Scheckel-Hollingsworth

Texas Commission on Law Enforcement



Dispatch Supervisor Laura Hines

North Richland Hills Police Depatment


Board Member

Sergeant Rachel DeHoyos

Fort Worth Police Department


Board Member

Sergeant Leah Lewis

Southlake Police Department


Board Member

Officer Jaime Malone

Fort Worth Police Department